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We examine all safety devices including governors and conduct an annual safety test. We provide a written report of the test results

The frequency and type of elevator inspections required for your equipment are determined by the government. It’s important to note that the government recognizes that it is the responsibility of the building owner, not your elevator service company, to comply with its mandated inspections. Nevertheless, ISL can help you navigate the government’s requirements and assist you in meeting compliance for your equipment.

Generally, you can expect to receive notification from the government about the inspection. You may choose to contact ISL at that time to assist you in arranging for the inspection, which includes ISL’s setting up an inspection appointment and providing you with an estimate and information for the upcoming test. Upon your agreement, we will perform the required testing witnessed by a government inspector/or government-approved third-party inspector to avoid any conflict of interest.

The government will inform you directly about the results of your inspection, including receipt of a certificate and/or list of deficiencies. Building owners are typically given 30-60 days to have necessary repairs completed. We are prepared to give you time estimates and perform repairs, as needed. Remember, neglecting to perform inspections or correct deficiencies will result in inspectors tagging your equipment, which means your equipment will be shut down.

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