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Modernization not only contributes to tenant and visitor satisfaction, but also keeps older buildings competitive with newer buildings, and typically provides a good financial return based on increasing the value of your building. Additionally, as an integral part of access to your building, it’s important to keep your elevator systems updated with the latest codes and technology.

Installations Support Limited specializes in elevator modernization, from simple updating of controls or cosmetic cab and fixture changes, to extensive replacement of all of your elevator equipment. Modernization makes a positive outward impression by helping to ensure reliability, smoothness, quietness of ride, and aesthetics.

Behind the scenes, modernization lowers maintenance costs by achieving energy efficiency, safety, and code compliance. Modernization is also a practical, and often the most economical, solution to aging equipment that, when left unaddressed, poses risk and cost to you and your building’s occupants. Installations Support Limited will provide your facility an assessment of the condition of the existing elevator equipment and recommendations for upgrading the system and improving the performance and reliability of the elevators. If you do not have the ability to modernize an entire elevator at one time, then we might suggest a modernization which is planned over several years.

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